Monday, June 4, 2012

Turtle Power Podcast - Episode 2

In this episode: Ryan, Darby, & Alex explore the TMNT universe in part 1 of our franchise overview. Plus, a discussion on recent news, our first character spotlight, and the song of the week.

Show Notes:

TMNT Panel Coverage from the MCM Expo London via Ninja Pizza and The Technodrome

TMNT #1 Christies Auction via Christies

Vanilla Ice Hints At "Ninja Turtles" Involvement via MTV
TMNT Season 10 coming to DVD on August 10 via Ninja Pizza

Topic of the Show: Franchise Overview - Part 1
We "briefly" cover the various animated and live action TV series and the 4 theatrical releases.

Song of the Show
"Pizza Power" from Coming Out of Their Shells

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  1. Just discovered your podcast. Amazing. Thank you very much.

    Just to make a correction. The Turtles DID go to space, very early actually.
    They did return many times after that.

    I am not saying that I liked that aspect of the Turtles, I prefer them in NY or NH, but I just thought I would chime in.

    Please see my IDW/Mirage comic book reviews at

    1. Thanks Louis. Yes, you are absolutly correct. After recording this I reread Mirage issue #5 and all of its outer space goodness. I checked out your site. Great work! If you're interested we can have you come on the podcast and talk about the new IDW series with us when we go in depth. I'll let you know when it's approaching. - Ryan

    2. Thank you Ryan.

      The site is actually not mine. I am a guest reviewer and do all the TMNT related articles. The site belongs to three of my friends who are opening up a comic book store here in Montreal in August.

      I would be interested in guesting on an upcoming podcast. I do not have any podcasting experience, but I think you mentioned in your first episode, that you did not have any either. I think you can email me from my Google Profile.

  2. Also, I am not worried about Bay's "Alien" comment because the Turtles ARE of an ALIEN RACE and ARE FROM ANOTHER PLANET. The ooze comes from the Utrom, an alien race. That is the tie in. I am sure that is what he meant and the Internet exploded. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Also, people putting too much emphasis on the "Ninja Turtles" title change. It is easier to say, most people call them that is passing, and I am sure they are not taking the mutant out of the TMNT.

    1. Thank you for talking about this in Episode 3:

    2. I totally agree with you about the "alien" and the naming issues. I wonder if we'll ever get someone from the project to talk about this whole controversy down the road. Maybe on the bonus features?

  3. Great podcast! Your shout out on Jay & Silent Bob Get Old brought me here. I've never met anyone as into the Turtles as I am! Great to hear people geeking out over one of my favorite subjects! Definitely listening to all of these. Shame that there's only like 12 though :-/