Friday, January 4, 2013

Turtle Power Podcast - Episode 9

The Lost Episode! No, not an episode based on the hit ABC Series, but an episode that was unfortunately never finished. We did finish the News portion so we present that to you here!

Show Notes:

Kevin Eastman Interview, new movie discussion

New Toys - Includes the Go Carts from "Panic In The Sewers":

TMNT are returning to McDonalds Happy Meals:

Check the TMNT App for the most up-to-date list of all of the available TMNT comics:

Next Mutation Volume 2 now on DVD:

Annie Award Nominations for Nick Turtles:

Corey Feldman in Nick Turtles Season 2:

Song of the Show
Shell-Shock - A Turtles in Time Music Compilation:

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