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Turtle Power Podcast - Episode 27 - May 21, 2014

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We're back with an EXTRA LARGE slice of TMNT news, reviews, and insight that only your TPP hosts can feed ya! Video Games, Collecting, Comic Books, Nick Turtles, and Movies ... We Got Ya Covered!

Show Notes:

@IDWLimited: Here’s to 30 years of kicking shell!

kevineastmantmnt - Kevin Eastman Instaagram
“So Awesome! 20 year reunion signing, 30 year TMNT anniversary, what an awesome day!!!!”

Peter Laird’s report from the 30th Anniversary events:

30th Anniversary report from Rich of

The Complete History of #NinjaTurtles

I wonder is Pepsi will be in the new Michael Bay movie

So I guess I'll need to get my future daughter some Barbies then

Pretty much sums it up. #turtlenostrils

Hopefully this will make @arodriguez2005 feel better about Johnny Knocksville

Video Game News
Holy Shit! TMNT: Out Of The Shadows FINALLY comes out on PS3!
Red Bandanna Code: R2+TXOOXTXOOX (T for Triangle)

TV News
TMNT Summer of Shell - Nickelodeon Resort, Orlando, FL - May 23 to September 1

TMNT Retro Weekend - Nickelodeon Resort, Orlando, FL - June 13-15, 2014

Sign the petition to get Nick Turtles on BluRay:

First Look At Bebop And Rocksteady In Nick's TMNT?

Comics News
Kevin Eastman Talks @IDWPublishing "2014 #TMNT Annual," Why Movie Will Make Fans "Incredibly Happy" via @CBR

Download a digital version of Mirage Volume 4, Issue 32 for FREE:
Hard copy versions are available via the Mirage website

IDW 30th Anniversary Special: 21 May!

Collecting News

Vinyl Bust Banks coming from @CollectDST

TMNT figures coming from @LoyalSubjects

College Humor Video - TMNT Use Their Weapons

Murphy’s Irish Stout Anime Commercial

POP Vinyl Figures Review

Funko's new TMNT offerings

Baxter Stockman Fly Action Figure by @PlaymatesToys

TMNT 2014 Movie Action Figures

Movie News
Interview with Judith Hoag

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Screenwriter Addresses Fans’ Concerns

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commences Re-Shoots

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Co-Creator Kevin Eastman Says THE RAID Influenced Action in The New Film

Peter Laird Shares Thoughts On New #TMNTmovie Trailer

TMNT Hand Movie Teaser Posters

Megan Fox talks ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ says she’d love a ‘Sailor Moon’ remake

More TMNT Movie Photos:

Trailer 1.1 - 3D Trailer with Turtles’ faces

Teaser Trailer 1 - with Splinter

This is how the #TMNT should look in the new movie

Next Episode
Interview: Andrew Farago
‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History’ is coming this June!

Song of the Show
The Crypts - “TMNT” from their album It's A Gosh Darn Crypts Party!
Download it here

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